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Raising awareness

Send the parent surveys home after the students and teachers have been surveyed. Then, by the time the parents receive their survey, the children should have already spoken to them a number of times about the project.

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The parent survey can be sent home with a letter or flyer to raise awareness on the benefits of transforming school grounds. You may wish to list some of the children's and teachers' ideas in the form of a demand chart for parents to check the ones they find most appealing.

Parents can also be asked to discuss the ideas and reasons for transforming the grounds with their children, including the health and safety aspects.


Parents can give their ideas for improving the present layout of the grounds. They can also suggest ways to enhance creative play opportunities.

Health and safety

Parents can also help identify problem areas on the grounds and explain why they are a problem.


Parents often find school grounds ugly and think that they should be "beautified". Comments on the need for beautification give you an opening to explain why transforming school grounds is much more than just making things look better.


The survey could include asking parents if they have skills that would be useful in the planning and development of the site plan, or in the implementation of the greening projects. Alternatively, you could postpone asking parents to volunteer until you do the Skills Identification survey.

Spreading the word

Ask parents to let other family members, neighbours, acquaintances and local businesses know what your school is doing. They may volunteer to help or they may be inspired to start a project in their own children's school if they live in a different community.

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