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Raising awareness

You never know who in your community will be able to contribute financial or in-kind support for your grounds greening project. Having students design a flyer or write a letter and distribute it to local businesses and community groups helps to raise awareness on what you are trying to accomplish.

You can invite people in the community to attend a presentation and discussion on the project and ask them for their ideas for improving your school grounds.


Students can be very effective in leveraging financial and in-kind project support when they make presentations on their own behalf. For example, they can present to school trustees, municipal decision-makers, local businesses and business associations, service clubs, police and crime prevention groups, horticultural societies and environmental and nature organizations.


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Many of the skills and expertise needed to research, design and build outdoor classrooms and social and play spaces can be found in the community.

You can find out what expertise your school community has by having students organize a Skills Identification Survey.

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Photo: Karen Spinney-Helmer


Much of the school grounds work can be done with school and community volunteers.

Go on the assumption that everyone has a valuable skill to contribute. You will need to show people how their skills can contribute to the project and ask them to volunteer for specific tasks.

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