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The Learning through landscapes publications and many of the school grounds transformation reference and curriculum resources listed here are available from the Green Brick Road in Toronto, Ontario. Unless otherwise noted, all prices quoted are in Canadian dollars (2000). Since prices are subject to change, double-check the price of the resources listed and their shipping and handling costs when ordering.

To order resources from the Green Brick Road contact:

John Tersigni, Director
Phone:          (416) 421-9816 or 1-800-GREEN-38
Fax:             (416) 537-7515


Natural Learning: The Life History of an Environmental Schoolyard:Creating Environments for Rediscovering Nature's Way of Teaching

by Robin Moore and Herb Wong
MIG Communications
280 pages
Price: $45.00

This is the story of a ten-year school grounds project which transformed an ordinary asphalt school yard into a lush, natural environment. This is an important guidebook for teachers, administrators, designers and parents on how to transform a typical asphalt schoolyard into an outdoor classroom, learn innovative ways of teaching the basics in outdoor settings, and create engaging play areas that foster positive behaviour.

The Challenge of the Urban School Site

Edited by D. Martin, B. Lucas, W. Titman & S.Hayward
Grades K - Adult
Learning through Landscapes
Reference Manual, 110 pages
Price: $27.00

This book offers practical advice for urban schools wishing to holistically develop their school grounds environment. This book's 10 sections cover the following topics: greening urban school grounds; multicultural aspects of developing urban school grounds; organization of limited space; seating; shelter and raised structures; art in the playground; secondary schools; practical advice (including dealing with vandalism and removing asphalt); and where to go next (specific to the UK but a useful starting point). Colour photos of innovative school grounds complete this comprehensive resource.

Grounds for Learning: A Celebration of School Site Development in Scotland

by Kate Kenny
Learning through Landscapes
Grades K-12
94 pages
Price: $25.00

Drawing on the experience of over 50 schools in Scotland, this book aims to inspire and support schools interested in developing their grounds. Five chapters trace the recommended process to implement a successful project including: pre-planning issues to address; identifying needs; implementing the plan; and making changes to it. A variety of extensive case studies containing dozens of colour photos are detailed with information on project planning and development, the benefits, future plans, and advice to other schools. Each case study is thoughtfully placed within the most relevant section to support key points being made. This resource offers a thorough overview of the many experiences and the various techniques schools have used to ensure success via whole school and community involvement.

Special Places; Special People: The hidden curriculum of school grounds

by Wendy Titman
Learning through Landscapes
Reference Manual/Research Report, Grades K-8
140 pages
Price: $35.00

This book is the result of a research project which took almost three years to complete. It examines the way that the design of school grounds influences children's behaviour. It is a useful working manual designed to assist schools and communities in the management of schools and their grounds. The document is divided into four sections. Section One outlines the background of the research project with a short review of previous research. Section Two presents research gathered about childrens perceptions, together with a summary of the main findings. Section Three discusses the key issues that arose and what major implications they will have for all schools, along with suggestions for changing how school grounds are designed and used. Section Four contains an alphabetical list of references and other resources. Other features include colour photographs, case studies, suggested activities, and side bars with timely quotes from children and others.

Using School Grounds as an Educational Resource

by Kirsty Young
Learning through Landscapes
Reference Manual, Grades K-12
26 pages
Price: $7.00

This booklet provides ideas on ways to develop and use school grounds within the daily curriculum. It is divided into two sections: Case Studies and an Action Plan. The Case Studies are of sites in the U.K. that illustrate some of the most imaginative work taking place in school grounds (includes 25 colour photos and 8 site plans). The Action Plan provides six stages for changing school grounds: thinking, surveying, planning changes, consultation, costings, and doing it! An indispensable tool for any school undergoing a revitalization of their grounds.

Grounds For Sharing: A Guide to Developing School Sites for Special Needs

by Jane Stoneham
Learning through Landscapes
Reference Manual, Grades K-8
88 pages
Price: $34.00

This resource is based on LTL's conviction that "the benefits that well designed and managed school grounds can bring should be available to all children regardless of age and ability." This book aims to overcome the narrow range of outdoor uses that school grounds provide by highlighting ways that design can encourage abilities and overcome children's particular challenges and special needs. Fifteen chapters provide advice and information on: background research, planning, design, plant and animal use, and case studies. Blank note sheets and colour photos make this guide a very practical tool.

A Guide to the Management & Maintenance of School Grounds

by J. Wood & M. Littlewood
Learning through Landscapes
Reference Manual, Grades K-12
94 pages
Price: $26.00

This guide is designed to help schools develop a plan to efficiently maintain all aspects of their school grounds. Eight case studies offer insight into the pros and cons of various maintenance arrangements. A complete yearly calendar outlines a maintenance schedule for everything from shrubs to play equipment.

Plants For Play: A Plant Selection Guide for Children's Outdoor Environments

by Robin C. Moore
Reference Manual, Grades K-5
122 pages
Price: $24.00

More than 200 plant species are listed in this informed guide to creatively including plants in children's play settings. Nine sections of "plant function" tables detail how various plants can enrich children's environments through: sensory variety, seasonal interest, shade quality, wildlife enhancement, erosion control, drought tolerance and more. Also included is a section on poisonous plants and pesticides, a master index of plant names by function, and an annotated bibliography.


Play, Playtime & Playgrounds:Key Issues for Teachers and Supervisors of Primary Schools

by Wendy Titman
Learning through Landscapes
Teacher's Reference, Grades K-5
17 pages
Price: $5.00

This booklet raises the issues related to the use of school grounds for play and playtime in primary schools, however it does not provide detailed instructions on developing school grounds. The six chapters discuss: surveying your grounds and their use; the importance of the informal curriculum; design/use; managing playtime; safety; and making changes over the long term.


The Great Outdoors: Restoring Children's Right to Play Outside

by Mary S. Rivkin
National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1995
ISBN: 0-935989-71-4
106 pages, colour, black and white photographs
Price: $10.00

This book “sounds the call for schools and communities to restore children's outdoor play opportunities”, gives inspiring examples of play spaces, and offers practical ideas for bringing the great outdoors to your school.


A Legacy of Us: Maintaining & Managing Your School Grounds

Hampshire County Schools Landscape Project
Reference Manual and Video, Grades K-12
Binder: 36 pages + VHS tape
Price: $45.00

The maintenance and management of school grounds should not be viewed in isolation but needs to form an integral part of the general culture and philosophy of every school. The video provides an overview of the key issues relating to the maintenance and management of school grounds. It examines the division of responsibilities and illustrates both the benefits and the practical issues of grounds management through the experiences of several schools. The accompanying manual explores these issues in greater detail, adding to the invaluable practical advice this kit provides on the long-term success of a school grounds project.


Greenprints for Changing schools

Sue Grieg, Graham Pike and David Selby
Centre for Global Education
World Wildllife Fund, 1990
Black and white photographs.
Price: $l7.50

This is a handbook for all decision-makers in the education system which links the theory and practice of educational change. The greenprint looks at effective strategies for integrating environmental concerns into the curriculum. Through a series of case studies, the authors show how successful change at the institutional level depends on important attitudinal changes at the personal level.


Global Teacher, Global Learner

Graham Pike and David Selby
Hodder & Stoughton 1992
Published in association with the Centre for Global Education
ISBN: 0-340-40261-X
312 pages, black and white photographs and drawings
Price: $34.00 (approx.)

This definitive handbook for teachers has been developed by the authors after considerable experience of working with teachers from 22 local education authorities. The book exlores and develops the theory and practice of global education, as well as offering an extensive range of practical, lively and stimulating activities for the primary and secondary classroom. This is an invaluable resource for all those concerned and involved with developing a global perspective in education.

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All Learning through Landscapes publications are available from the Green Brick Road.

Phone:          (416) 421-9816 or 1-800-GREEN-38
Fax:             (416) 537-7515


Geography in the School Grounds

by R. Hare, C. Attenborough, & T. Day
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-6
72 pages
Price: $21.00

This book offers a range of exciting activities for practical work in geography using the school grounds as a model. Topics covered include map work skills; the use of photographs and models; weather, water and landforms; people, settlements and land use; environmental quality and a sense of place. Excellent dual resource for curricular use and school grounds project development.


Mathematics in the School Grounds

by Zoe Rhydderch-Evans
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-6
56 pages
Price: $19.00

This resource offers a whole range of exciting ideas for teaching mathematics outdoors. Four main sections deal with Numbers, Measurement, Shape and Space, and Data Work. Each section contains examples of teaching approaches with tables that list math exercises using various outdoor features including: ponds, animals, pathways, trees/shrubs, buildings, conservation areas, and weather.


School Grounds Pack: Mathematics

Learning Through Landscapes
Photocopiable activities
32 pages
Price: $12.00

This useful resource contains activities for individual, pair, small group and whole class work on number counting, number patterns, measurement, shape and space and data-gathering.


English in the School Grounds

by Brian Keaney
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-6
56 pages
Price: $19.00

English in the School Grounds can be used to encourage creative thought and develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. This book is divided into four main sections of Stories, Poetry, Drama and Language. There are over 30 interactive activities which get students to tell stories, to imagine and act, to write poetry, or to verbalize experiences, all within the context of outdoor elements.


Pond Design Guide for Schools

by Graham Flatt
Learning through Landscapes
Step-by-Step Design Guide
20 pages
Price: $12.00 (approx.)

This booklet contains advice and information that any school or class will need to help them plan, build, plant and maintain their own pond.


Science in the School Grounds

by Gill Thomas
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-6
56 pages
Price: $19.00

This book provides dozens of practical science activities which are done in the school grounds. The investigations and exercises are divided into eight sections including: Weather, Waste Management, Mini-Beasts, Trees, Ponds, Grassed Areas, Wild Flowers, and the Built Environment. Science in the School Grounds provides the tools to stimulate interest in the sciences as well as the environment.


The Seasons in the School Grounds

by Sue Rowe
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-8
24 pages
Price: $10.00

This is a folder of imaginative activities for using the school grounds throughout the seasons. These ideas will help young people observe and learn from the change of seasons.


Arts in the School Grounds

by Brain Keaney
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity Guide, Grades K-6
56 pages
Price: $21.00

This book in the school grounds series looks at the numerous artistic opportunities that school grounds can offer. The subject areas of design, music, drama, and movement are incorporated into the following 3 sections. Part one "Observing and Recording" provides activities that allow students to discover landscapes for themselves. Part two, "Making and Composing" allows for creative expression and intimacy with the environment. Part three, "Celebrating and Performing" transforms the grounds into an arena of expression and exploration of space. The case studies, inspiring colour photographs, and photocopiable work sheets will assist schools in planning sites and considering projects such as working with resident artists.


History in the School Grounds

By Jacqui Dean
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum/Activity, Grades K-8
56 pages, colour and black and white photographs and illustrations
Price: $23.00

This book focuses on key historical skills and helps children develop connections with the past. The imaginative activities in the book encourage children to find out for themselves that people in the past were resourceful and creative problem-solvers. The activities help children explore the school's past, develop a sense of time and place, enact the past, look at inventions and how they worked, investigate past methods of producing and preserving food, generating heat, using fibres for clothing, working with wood and clay, constructing shelters, and uncovering the past through archaeology. The activities are designed to be used by non-specialist teachers, in all kinds of school environments.  


Exploring Woodlands:A Cross-curricular Approach to Investigating Woodlands

by Tony Pearce
Curriculum/Activity, Grades 4-9
104 pages
Price: $30.00

This in-depth exploration of woodlands provides cross-curricular, field-based activities plus follow-up classroom work suggestions. Each of the twenty units contains photocopiable sheets with teachers notes and expansion ideas. A wide range of topics span from investigation of a single tree, to the nature & functioning of the woodland, to the consumers that live in the woodland.


Growing Naturally: A Teacher's Guide to Organic Gardening

by Maggi Brown
Learning through Landscapes
Teacher's Guide, Grades 3-8
56 pages
Price: $17.00

Organic gardening activities offer teachers an exciting way of educating throughout a wide range of curriculum areas while improving and developing the school grounds. This book provides basic facts about organic gardening practices and ideas for investigations, activities and experiments, giving teachers the necessary background information to create an organic garden. Chapters cover Preparing and Caring for the Soil; Recycling; Worm Composting; Pest Control; Vegetable Gardening and Window Sill Planting.


Trees in the School Grounds

by R. Clark & P. Walters
Learning through Landscapes
Curriculum Guide, Grades 3-8
48 pages
Price: $16.00

Using trees as the focus, this guide contains twelve main activity themes and five school-wide class projects. Each activity includes teaching objectives, background notes, required equipment, and suggestions for Investigation and Interpretation. Some of the themes are: understanding trees, tree food products, old trees, wood properties, and adopting trees. Projects involve students in planting trees and hedgerows, and in creating a tree nursery, a tree-trail, and an outdoor workshop. Complete with photographs, sketches and diagrams, this book gives teachers a range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities to use year-round in all subjects.


Wildlife and the School Environment

by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and
Learning through Landscapes
Design/Activity Guide, Grades K-12
24 pages
Price: $13.00

The presence of wildlife in the school grounds can provide many opportunities for their study while fostering a positive attitude towards the environment. This booklet contains lots of great ideas for developing seven typical areas of school grounds into places for wildlife including buildings, hard surfaces, ponds, wildflowers, insect gardens, shrubs, and woodlands. Different teaching activities are suggested for each area.


Making the Playground

by Eileen Adams
Trentham Books, 1993
ISBN: 0-948080-92-2
48 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $13.95

This is an account of a children's project in Design Technology, Art, English and Mathematics to improve their outdoor environment. The project concentrates on the environment and incorporates games and play as well as artefacts that can be used in play activities. This is an account of the planning and development process and the curriculum connections made throughout the project. This book can be obtained through Bacon and Hughs: 1 (800) 563-2468

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Green Teacher Magazine

This is a magazine written by teachers for teachers to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels. Every issue contains practical articles with reports of what successful teachers, parents and schools are doing, ready-to-use activities and cross-curricula activities for various grade levels, perspective articles on ideas for rethinking education in light of environmental and global problems, and resource listings and reviews of new books, kits, games, videos and other resources.

The May/June 1996 issue of Green Teacher, Transforming School Grounds, is entirely devoted to school grounds greening concepts and provides many useful resources and contacts.

To obtain a listing of back issues and details on subscriptions, contact:

Green Teacher
95, Robert Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2K5

Phone:          (416) 960-1244
Fax:             (416) 925-3474

Electronic packs, including Transforming School Grounds, can also be purchased over the internet.

Greening School Grounds: Creating Habitats for Learning

By Green Teacher Magazine
Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn, Editors
Published by: New Society Publishers 2001
136 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations
Price: $21.95  Call Green Teacher for bulk rates: (416) 960-1244

In Green Teacher's Greening School Grounds, you will find ideas for numerous schoolyard projects, from tree nurseries to school composting to native plant gardens, along with ideas for enhancing learning by addressing the diverse needs of students. More than a dozen schoolyard habitat options are presented ranging from rooftop and multi-cultural gardens, through desert and butterfly gardens, to ponds and prairie restorations. For project planners, there are useful tips on minimizing vandalism and maximizing participation, and raising funds. For teachers, there are dozens of outdoor classroom curriculum links, an annotated bibliography of learning resources, and up-to-date listings of funders and training organizations.


The Urban Outback - Wetlands for Wildlife

This is a guide to wetland restoration and frog-friendly backyards produced by the Metro Toronto Zoo's Adopt-a-Pond programme. The book is out of print but you can download it from the Metro Toronto Zoo website. The Adopt-A-Pond programme also has a number of resources on creating a schoolyard wetland habitat including a cross-curricular guide. This guide meets curriculum guidelines and will help teachers further integrate wetland biology and amphibian conservation into the classroom. These materials can be found on:


A Wetland Conservation Plan: A Landowner's Guide to Wetland Conservation Planning

Landowner Resource Centre
Price: Free

This resource is useful if you are planning to create a pond or wetland habitat on school grounds or involve students in wetland conservation activities.

To obtain a free copy, contact:

Landowner Resource Centre
P.O. Box 599
5524 Dickinson Street
Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5

Phone: (613) 692-2390 or 1 (800) 387-5304 (from 613 area code only)
Fax:             (613) 692-2806


Potholes and Ponds: A Pond Study Guide for Elementary School Children

by Vlademir H. Murawsky
Published by Vlademir H. Murawsky,
University of Saskatchewan
ISBN: 0-921257-07-4
68 pages, black and white illustrations throughout
Price: $14.95

This book includes a series of activities that help students answer fundamental questions for themselves that they usually ask about ponds. Each activity has a suggested grade level, a list of materials needed, a step-by-step procedure and suggestions for follow-up learning.


Bioplanning a North Temperate Garden

by Diana Beresford-Kroeger
259 pages
Price: $39.95

This book provides several bioplans for gardens that can be adapted to the field, the backyard, the bush and the school yard. To bioplan a garden, the gardener must view the site as a biological system and the activity of gardening as an ecological task. To assist in bioplanning a garden, the author provides not only adaptable plans but also planting instructions emphasizing ecofunction, organic care and environmentally-friendly means of pest control. The book contains over 100 full colour photographs of species and landscapes.


Greening Canada: A Guide to Community Tree Planting

The Conservation Council of Ontario
24 pages, illustrated with diagrams and photographs
Price: Free

This guide provides useful tree-planting information. Please note: on Page 13, there is a diagram showing how trees should be planted and staked. While this kind of planting is appropriate for many situations, trees planted at grade level as shown in the diagram have a very low survival rate in schoolyards. Go to Site Design and Types of Projects for information and diagrams on planting trees in school yards.

For a free copy of Greening Canada, contact:

Tree Canada Foundation.
Phone:          (613) 567-5545
Fax:             (613) 567-5270


Gardening with Trees and Shrubs

by Trevor Cole
ISBN: 1-55110-400-8
216 pages
Price: $24.95

This is one of the most comprehensive tree and shrub guide available for eastern Ontario. It is designed to help you choose, buy, plant and care for deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs. It also includes information on ground covers and climbing vines.


The Guide to Trees of Canada and North America

by Alan Mitchel
ISBN: 0-88665-322-3
199 pages
Price: $19.95

This book provides a highly informative, detailed guide to trees in Canada. In full colour spreads, each tree is featured as it appears in a typical landscape, with various aspects such as seasonal changes, male and female flowers and seeds, leaf shape and bark shown in fine detail and clearly labelled.


Native Trees of Canada

by R.C. Hosie
ISBN: 0-88902-558-4
380 pages
Price: $22.95

This book is an excellent guide to over 140 species of coniferous and deciduous native trees. The richly illustrated pages lend themselves to quick tree identification by providing drawings of the form of each tree species and pictures of the features used to identify them such as twigs, leaves, seeds, flowers, buds and bark. Maps are also provided to show where each species is found.


A Guide to Enjoying Wildflowers

Donald and Lillian Stokes
Stokes Nature Guides
ISBN: 0-316-81731-7
371 pages
Price: $18.95

This guide to introduces a new approach to wildflowers - learning about their lore, lives and adaptations throughout the year. The guide includes fifty wildflowers. For each wildflower there are five sections: an introduction to its lore and medicinal uses, a description of its garden relatives, interesting seasonal features of the plants, an explanation of the flower's design, and a summary of the plant's life cycle. The majority of plants are suitable for growing in school grounds wildflower gardening projects.


Plants for Play

by Robin Moore
MIG Communications, 1993
ISBN: 0-944661-18-1
121 pages
Price: $29.95

In this book, the author shares his years of experience in selecting plants that support children's play activities. More than 200 species of plant species are listed in eighteen plant function tables such as: Play Value; Fragrance; Play Props; Fall Colour; Fruits; Herbs and Nuts; Winter Flowers; Shade Quality; Seasonal Interest; Erosion Control; and Wildlife Enhancement. Plants are coded by climatic zone and a special section identifies and discusses poisonous plants.


Rodale's All-New Encyclopaedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener

Rodale Press, Inc., 1997
ISBN: 0-87596-599-7
689 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $27.99

This resource has over 400 entries of the most practical, up-to-date gardening information available. The information has been collected from garden experts across north America.

Rodale's Garden Insect, Disease, and Weed Identification Guide

by M. Smith and A. Carr
Rodale Press
Price: $20.95

Rodale's Colour Handbook of Garden Insects

by Ann Carr
Rodale Press
Price: $18.85


The New Organic Grower's Four Season Harvest

by Eliot Coleman
Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1992
ISBN: 0-930031-57-1
212 pages, black and white illustrations and diagrams
Price: $26.00


Natural Gardening

by John Kadel Boring, Erica Glasener, Glen Keator, Jim Knope, Jane Scott and Sally Wasowski   
Time-Life Books, 1995
ISBN: 0-7835-4750-1
288 pages, full colour illustrations and photographs
Price: $39.95

This is an excellent resource for creating a natural garden to attract wildlife. Each page depicts a different species of plants including trees, shrubs, vines, flowering annuals and perennials, grasses and wildflowers. Also shown on each page are the plants' native habitats, growing zones, height and spread, blooming times, light and moisture requirements and the wildlife they are likely to attract. 


Attracting Backyard Wildlife

by Bill Merilees
Whitecap Books, 1998
SBN: 0-921061-29-3
159 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $12.95

This guide will help you to create and maintain gardens that will attract wildlife.

It also includes diagrams for the construction of toad holes, raccoon roosts, bat houses, squirrel nest boxes and bird feeders.


Stokes Bird Gardening Book: The complete guide to creating a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard

by Donald and Lillian Stokes
Little, Brown and Company, 1998
ISBN: 0-316-81836-4
95 pages, full colour
Price: $17.95

This comprehensive guide, illustrated with 300 colour photographs, tells you what you need to know to create a paradise for birds. It includes information on how to attract nesting birds with the right kinds of trees and shrubs, which flowering plants birds love, the benefits of ponds and birdbaths, how to attract birds to feeding stations, and tips on increasing Winter bird populations.


Worms Eat Our Garbage

by Mary Appelhof
Flower Press, 1993
ISBN: 0-942256-05-0
214 pages, black and white drawings and diagrams throughout
Price: $29.95

This book is considered the definitive guide on how to set up and maintain a worm composting system at school.  It is full of interesting classroom activities which integrate earthworm activities with soil science, plant growth studies and ecological issues. Learning processes include scientific methods, observing, recording data, measurement and problem-solving.


Let it Rot!

Stu Campbell
Storey Communications Inc., USA 1990
ISBN: 0-8826-049-7
Black and white drawings
Price: $7.50

This book takes an easy-going approach to demystifying composting. It covers all the usual methods as well as some less-usual ones. It is an excellent resource with a wealth of practical information on every aspect of composting, from composter construction to the end product.


The Real Dirt

by Mark Cullen and Lorraine Johnson
Penguin Books 1992
ISBN: 0-14-015961-4
154 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $12.99

This book provides practical information, plans for building your own compost bins, answers to commonly asked questions and activities to interest children in the composting process.


Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting

by Louise Riotte
Garden Way Publishing, 1975
226 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $13.95

“The magic and mystery of companion planting has intrigued and fascinated” people for centuries, yet it is part of the gardening world that is still being explored. We know that some plants assist each other to grow well and repel damaging insects and even repel other plants. This book provides useful information about plants to use in companion planting and the amount of time it takes for the beneficial effects to become apparent. The book is compiled in alphabetical order according to subjects.


The Growing Classroom: A Gardening-Based Science and Nutrition Curriculum

by Jaffe, Cadoux, Appel, 1986
Grades 1-6
Price: $40.00 US
Phone: (408) 476-7140


How Can One Sell the Air?

Postscript by Steef Davidson
Book Publishing Company, USA, 1988
Price: $6.50

This is an interpretation of a speech delivered in l885 by Chief Seattle of the Duwamish people to the president of the United States. It can be used in conjunction with any topic on the environment.

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The Urban Outback - Wetlands for Wildlife.

The Adopt-A-Pond programme has a number of resources on creating a schoolyard wetland habitat including a cross-curricular guide. This guide meets curriculum guidelines and will help teachers further integrate wetland biology and amphibian conservation into the classroom. The book is out of print but you can download it from the Metro Toronto Zoo website. 

These materials can be found on:


Plant Wise

by Pamela M. Hickman
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Guide to investigating plants
Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto
ISBN: 1-55074-044-X
96 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Through a series of projects, facts and experiments, this book demonstrates the vital role plants play in purifying air and water, and in preventing soil erosion. Contains lots of useful information.


Bird Wise

by Pamela M. Hickman
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Guide to investigating birds
Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto
ISBN: 1-921103-58-1
96 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

This book includes details on how to build bird feeders and make bird food. It also contains information on bird-watching and bird identification activities.


Bug Wise

Pamela M. Hickman
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Guide to investigating bugs
Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto
ISBN: 0-921103-91-3
96 pages, black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

This book is packed full of facts and activities which emphasize bug-observation rather than bug-collecting. It has lots of interesting information and facts on insects and spiders.


Bird Habitat: A Compilation of Outdoor Activities for Schools with Wildlife Gardens

by Karyn Morris
Toronto District School Board
Phone: (416) 397-3786


Bottle Biology: An idea book for exploring the world through soda bottles and other recyclable materials

by Mrill Ingram
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1993
ISBN: 0-8403-8601-X
127 pages

This book has activities designed to help students pursue scientific investigations. There are over twenty different bottle constructions, including the Eco-Column, the Predator-Prey Column and the TerrAqua Column. Each chapter contains background information, activities and teaching tips.


GrowLab: Activities for Growing Minds

by Eve Pranis and Joy Cohen
National Gardening Association (NGA), 1992
ISBN: 0-915873-32-X
307 pages, black and white illustrations throughout
Price: $35.00 (approx.)

Contact: NGA at:

80, Flynn Avenue
Vermont 05401

Phone:   (802) 863-1308

This book is a good K-8 curriculum resource for indoor classroom gardening.


Let's Get Growing Catalogue

This catalogue of environmental education supplies includes reference books for teachers, curriculum activity resources and project materials and supplies.

Obtain a catalogue by calling:  1 (800) 408-1868



Let's Grow! 72 Gardening Adventures With Children

by Linda Tilgner
Storey Communications Inc./Garden Way Publishing, 1988
Price: $l3.95

This book contains dozens of interesting gardening projects designed to instill a love of nature in children and adults alike.


Kid's Nature Book: 365 Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Susan Milord
Williamson Publishing Company, USA 1989
Illustrated throughout
Price: $l8.50

A popular book on indoor and outdoor activities for every day of the year that encourage exploration, observation, and respect for all life forms.


Schoolyard/Backyard Cycles of Science

by Jerry DeBruin
Good Apple Publishers, Inc., 1989
Black and white illustrations throughout
Price: $ll.95

Packed full of science activities for Grades 3-9+, this book can be used in conjunction with units and projects on the environment. Included are many activities on biological cycles. Permission is given by the publishers to reproduce student activity pages for classroom use.


Good Earth Art

by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Cindy Gainer
Bright Ring Publishing, USA (l99l)
Black and white drawings and diagrams.
Price: $l6.95

Good Earth Art offers a creative variety of art projects that develop an awareness of the environment and encourage a caring attitude towards the Earth. The book concentrates on using materials collected from nature, or saved from the garbage can to demonstrate the usefulness of usually-discarded items and materials.


Get Growing

by Lois Walker
Pembroke Publishers, 1990
ISBN: 0-471-54488-4
Black and white illustrations
102 pages
Price $12.95

This book has over 30 indoor gardening, food and craft projects.


The Man Who Planted Trees

Jean Giono
Chelsea Green, USA 1989
Full colour illustrations
Price: $8.95

"Jean Giono's story of a man's generosity to nature - and through nature to other humans - surely belongs among the most endearing statements of hope", Wendell Berry. This is an inspiring story for children and adults alike. The National Film Board has produced a charming 15-minute video of a reading of the book.


The Enchanted Garden Book: Ideas for using plants to beautify your world, both indoors and out

by Alice Herck
Random House, New York 1997
ISBN: 0-679-88096-8
39  Pages
Price: $20.00


A Garden in the City

by Gerda Muller
Simon and Schuster l989
ISBN: 0-356-16825 5 pbk
39 pages, full colour illustrations throughout
Price: $7.95

This story shows that even in a city it's possible to have a garden and to grow things that attract all kinds of wildlife. Ben's and Caroline's new home has a garden large enough for them each to have their own plot. The story follows the development of the children's individual gardens as the seasons unfold, and is full of practical gardening hints and garden-based activities.

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This booklet contains the full text of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Copies of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the French version, Convention Relative aux Droits de L'Enfant, may be obtained from:

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Human Rights Division
Lester B. Pearson Building
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2

Phone: (613) 944-0469

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Unless otherwise noted, the following videos can be ordered from the Green Brick Road:

Making the Best of Your School Grounds

Learning through Landscapes
Grades K-8
24 mins, VHS
Price: $30.00

This video will help you to take a detailed look at your school grounds and will encourage you to undertake a process of change which will greatly enhance your students learning environment.


Grounds for Examination: The Challenge of the Secondary School Site

Learning through Landscapes
Grades 7-12
24 mins, VHS
Price: $35.00

This video looks at the secondary school site and deals with: image and ethos; social interaction; curriculum organization; environmental stewardship.


Grounds for Celebration

Grades K-6
15 mins, VHS
Price: $25.00

Presented by Sir David Attenborough, this inspirational video shows how one school has turned its modest grounds into a hugely valuable educational resource.


Grounds for Change 

Grades K-8
15 mins, VHS
Price: $15.00

Produced by the Evergreen Foundation, this video explores the positive impact of school ground naturalization featuring planners, ecologists, teachers, and students sharing their discoveries.


School Yard Habitats: A Natural Place for Learning

21.43 mins, VHS
Price: $21.40

The Scarborough Board of Education (now part of the Toronto District School Board) produced this video on five school yard habitats. Each one features a pond. To obtain a copy of this video, contact Richard Christie, Districtwide Global and Environmental Education Coordinator at: e-mail:


Project Purple

13 mins, VHS
Free of charge

Produced by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, this video shows how purple loosestrife can be prevented from destroying wetlands. For more information and details on how to obtain a copy of the video, write to: OFAH, Box 2800, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 8L5.

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Thinking About SEATING in Your School Grounds (Windows CD-ROM)

by Lisa Russell
Learning through Landscapes
Grades K-12
Reference/Activity Guide
CD Rom - Win.3.1 or Win.95
Price: $22.00

The value of having a place to sit, read, or eat either alone or with friends has been sadly overlooked in many school's grounds. Seating can be as practical (a covered eating area) or creative (a storytelling chair) as requested by students. LTL's first CD Rom helps you to explore all the issues connected with choosing, developing, locating and using seating in your school grounds. Includes 15 activities designed for use by educators with students of all ages. Also allows mini-presentations of text and pictures to be created.


Play for All

by Robin Moore and Susan M. Goltsman
CD-ROM Windows 3.1 or Macintosh System 7.0 (or later).
NOTE: this CD does not run on the Power Macintosh.
ISBN 0-944661-29-7

This CD takes you on a tour of some of the world's greatest play environments, presenting 94 photographic images that illustrate the key concepts and recommendations from Play for All Guidelines. It is the perfect tool for designers, researchers, and anyone interested in improving children's environments. The outdoor environments for children of all abilities are organized into ten categories: play equipment settings; vegetation and gardens; sand settings; entrances, pathways and signs; fences and enclosures; seating and gathering areas; water settings; play props; animal habitats; and ground covers and landforms.

The images are presented in a high-resolution format that can support many applications, from video-slide projection to slide production to full-colour printing.

The images may be used royalty-free, in whole or in part, except for the resale and/or distribution of the collection itself.

To run this programme you will need:

4 MB free RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Colour Monitor (256 colours minimum)

To obtain a copy of the CD, contact:

MIG Communications
1802 Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

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Canadian Biodiversity Institute Biodiversity Poster

All age groups
Full colour poster, 76 cm X 61 cm (30" X 24")
Price: $16.00 (including postage and taxes)

This poster is an artist's rendition depicting Canadian flora and fauna biodiversity. On the back of the poster, the species are identified and the concept of biodiversity explained.

To obtain a copy, contact:

Canadian Biodiversity Institute
Suite 322, 99 Fifth Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5P5

Phone: (613) 826-2190


The following posters can be purchased from the Green Brick Road:

Making the Best of Your School Grounds

Grades K-8
Full colour Poster, 100 cm x 70 cm (40" x 28")
Price: $15.00

This poster illustrates some of the most imaginative primary school landscapes in Britain. A great addition to your classroom or library. Includes teachers notes.


Butterfly Alphabet

by Kjell Sandved
Full colour Poster 46 cm X 38 cm (18" X 11")
Grades K-Adult
Price: $10.00

Nature photographer Kjell Sandved has discovered all 26 letters of the alphabet and the numerals 1 to 9 hidden in the wing patterns of butterflies from around the world! This poster with colour photos of each letter and number as found, is invaluable for use in early childhood and primary education.


Learning Outdoors

Grades K-8
Full colour Poster, 100 cm x 70 cm (40" x 28")
Price: $15.00

This poster shows many different ideas for curriculum activities in the school grounds and provides many exciting activities for learning outdoors. Includes teachers notes.

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