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A Guide to Transforming School Grounds

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Front cover: A Guide to Transforming School Grounds
Back cover: A Guide to Transforming School Grounds

This comprehensive step-by-step 274-page guide is an updated, expanded version of this website. The Guide is the result of Ann Coffey's hands-on experience with greening up Canadian school grounds since 1989. We hope it will encourage you to take a good, hard look at your own schoolyard and inspire you to start planning to transform it into a much happier and healthier play, social and learning environment for your children.

The Guide is perfect bound, which means that the pages are glued to the binding. Fully opening perfect bound books and pressing them flat on the photocopier will eventually result in pages falling out.

Schools have our permission to make photocopies of several sections in this book for their own use.

We have created the following PDF documents of each of these sections so that you can print them out directly from your computer, and avoid causing damage to the binding of your copy of this Guide.

PDFs of Photocopiable content

Thanks to our sponsors for their support for A Guide to Transforming School Grounds.


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