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Order purchased and donated supplies

At least one month in advance, order the purchased and donated supplies for your first project. If large donated trees are to be transplanted by a landscape contractor, book a date two or three months in advance because they can get very busy at prime planting times. Some materials and tools may arrive at the school prior to the start of the project. Ask the caretaking staff for a safe storage place. Make sure you have access to water for planting projects and an electrical outlet for construction work. If topsoil and compost are delivered to the school yard, make a sign to inform people what it is to be used for.

Launch the project

Organize a special day to launch the first project to publicize what your school is trying to accomplish. Invite everyone who has contributed to your project and publicly thank them for their support.

Coordinating school and community volunteers

Meet with teachers, parents, neighbours and community volunteers to organize the launch of the project. Draw up a work schedule for the event and ask someone from your team to coordinate volunteers and assign tasks.

Integrating grounds greening into the curriculum

Integrating the on-going use and maintenance of the project into the curriculum helps to prevent vandalism and gain support for additional grounds greening activities.

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